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Sarcasm is a lost art

I just got this email from my website. Name and email changed to protect the clueless.

A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

PJname [Ihavenoideawhatsarcasmis]
PJemail [clueless@buyaclue.com]
PJfindme search engine
PJpurpose Hate mail
PJcomments i loved the amy icons but
whoever made the "think of
the heterosexuals" icon is a
jack ass and can die for all
i care...

Unless this is an angry heterosexual... Notice how there isn't one mention of my 'Liberty and Justice for All' icon [edit: and my 'Slash is my Anti-drug' icon, and my Tatu icon, and my Monaboyd porn icon, and my Sentinel icons... I'm starting to suspect this is a homophobe... or just mindnumbingly stupid]. Also notice the blatant lack of capital letters.

Darwin, where are you when we need you?

Tell me, should I put a disclaimer on that icon thing? Because this isn't the first time I've gotten crap like this.

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