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The Chipmunks are taking over

P: pega
J: elven_wolf

J: lol figures that kinsey is supposed to be my protagonist and he couldn't care less about the plot
P: *laughs*
P: he wants a different one?
J: aimee and gil going on about the plot and kinsey's all "whatever, couldn't care less"
J: no, he just doesn't give a shit lol
P: *laughs*
J: i think i'll just let him go vegetate somewhere and pick up gil for a bit. at least gil cares
J: even if he only cares because aimee cares
P: lol that works
J: aimee's just a nosey brat
J: but she doesn't have any powers
J: so she doesn't interest me at this point
J: and i have a feeling kinsey will spend most of this book telling people to get a life
P: well, that is a good role...
P: people do need to get lives
J: i'm not sure this train isn't headed for a crash lol
P: trainwrecks are fascinating though...people can't look away ;-)
J: yeah but if people get lives, then nobody would care about the plot and well then, if a plot falls down in the forest...
P: *laughs*
J: of course i could always say aimee cares because she's got a crush on drake, but that's as far as i think i should take it because drake would fire me as his writer if i made him have an affair
P: *giggles* they're taking control
J: they've been in control lol
J: i'm just lucky maria saavedra's a non-union muse
P: true. it's just getting worse lol
J: she screamed character rape until i killed her
P: *dies*
J: seriously, in her original incarnation she was a new-age lesbian who would never let anyone talk her into marrying jaz, as much as she loved him as a friend lol
J: and last we saw her, was dating his cousin
P: *giggles*
P: but you needed someone
J: yes
J: and she was convenient
J: actually she was more of a victim of the everchanging setting
P: hey, it works
J: skyler had to exist and it just wouldn't have worked any other way
P: means to an end
J: yes
P: that's the important thing in the plot ;-)
J: yes lol
J: but the muses don't always see it that way
J: they all think THEY'RE the hero
P: lol big egos
J: except for kinsey who's simply out for himself and thinks heroism is a waste of time
J: ergo, doesn't care about the plot
P: *laughs* you're fucked
J: yep




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Jul. 5th, 2004 08:21 pm (UTC)
your MPD is getting worse ;)
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