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B'fly's Halloween Challenge

I've been told to pimp, so I pimp.
Happy first of October, everyone.

This is the official start of the Halloween Challenge. Whee! Feel free to pimp this around because the more people that do it, the more we'll have to read.

1. Must be something you've never written anything on until today.
2. Must be at least 3,000 words long.
3. Must be finished by midnight on October 31st.
4. It must be scary OR Halloween-themed. If it's Halloween-themed, it doesn't have to be scary, if it's scary, it doesn't have to be Halloween-themed. Ideally, it would be both, but.
5. Not really a rule, but. It can be original or fanfic, any rating (but please mark warnings for the nasty stuff), anything, really.
6. Link back to the fic in the comments of this post.

It would be of the awesome if you could post it public so everyone could read it. That's not a requirement, though. I'll make up a final list with all the links at the end.

Have fun! And if you finish one too quickly, by all means, write another.

[subliminal message] Pimp, baby, pimp. You know you want to. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? [/subliminal message]

This post will be in my memories under "HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE" for easy reference. That's all-caps, so it will be toward the top.
'Here' being B's entry, of course. But if you'd rather link it here for me, I'll be sure to forward any relevant links. Any questions?

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