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I should do this more often

Spoilerage for SG-1: "Reckoning 2".

ElvenVVolf: dude, daniel keeps dying. he really needs Guys Who Die A Lot Anonymous
pegasconfused: lol yet another 12 step program lol
ElvenVVolf: yes!
ElvenVVolf: step one: realise most people only get to die once, yet you've done it like five times. this is a problem
ElvenVVolf: step two: one of those times you died, you became your own higher power... apparently you learned nothing from that
pegasconfused: lol
pegasconfused: lolol
ElvenVVolf: step three: your general is your higher power now. listen to your general and don't get yourself killed again
pegasconfused: *snickers*
ElvenVVolf: step four: figure out why you die so much. and whatever it is, STOP IT RIGHT NOW, MISTER
ElvenVVolf: and that's as far as i've gotten so i can't help you anymore
pegasconfused: lol i'm sure the rest will come eventually
ElvenVVolf: yes

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