James (elven_wolf) wrote,

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Today's Random Cynicism

So yesterday was apparently 'Women's Day'. Which apparently is sort of but completely unlike Mother's Day, but without the sprogs and the presents. And believe me, I'm fine with that part, because there's no present on Earth I'd be willing to spawn for. But really, Women's Day? That's rather insulting, isn't it?

Isn't it the way it usually works, though? Women's Day, Secretary's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month... it's all just saying "We treat you like shit 364 days a year, so let's give you the remaining day as a holiday! Except it's not really a holiday because nobody gets off work anyway! Congratulations! Here, have a non-environmentally-conscious lame-ass greeting card you'll be throwing away anyway!"

Holidays can suck my dick.

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