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Vidding Update

Since I still hadn't deleted the open project for my latest Stargate Atlantis video 'If I Ever Leave This World Alive', I tweaked the settings on it a bit and saved the movie again, it looks much better now. It's also smaller res (though still a good size for WMP) and a slightly smaller file, and at least for me it runs smoother. And if it runs smoothly on my claptrap computer Kenny, it should be brilliant on everyone else's. I've uploaded it to the same URL.

My next project involves redoing 'Thousand Mile Wish' from scratch. Since I'd already deleted the project (silly me), I'll have to do it over. Why? Because I'm getting better at this and I can basically do the same video but make it look cleaner and generally prettier. That's still my favourite video so far and I want it to be technically up to par with my latest. I'll announce that when it's done, probably with a note on beckett_mckay and stargatevids when I publish my upcoming Rodney video. For which I still have no real time table.

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