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You know you've been watching too much Stargate when...

Found this in a random google. Behind the cut are the ones that made me laugh and the ones that apply to me are bolded. Because I need to waste even more time on this like this. I won't copy them all here because there's a lot of them, so visit the page for the full list. Some of them just look like 'you had to be there' situations because they seem really random.

1) You hear the name Dr. Jackson and are surprised when he doesn't look anything like Daniel.

2) You wonder where Naquadah would fall on the periodic table.

3) You name your pets after characters from the show. (Well, I named my plant Zelenka...)

4) You wander up ramps knowing there must be a Stargate at the end of it.

5) You take an astronomy course just to make sure that all the science in the show is correct.

6) When hearing about black holes, you think of a doughnut and an apple.

7) You actually ponder about getting a tattoo like Teal'c's.

8) You stroll through the anthropology department looking for a Danny Clone.

9) Look at anyone dressed in Air Force blues and see if they are Sam or Jack.

10) Say "Ya think?", "Good morning Campers", or "Sweet" in most conversations.

11) Start writing fan fic constantly in the Stargate universe.

12) Join a mailing list about one of the characters or RPG.

22) Start thinking that napkin hats (Shar're) actually look really good.

23) Own a Danny floppy hat. (Not yet but I will!)

24) Stare at a toilet flushing since it reminds you of a wormhole horizon.

25) Go wandering in the forest hoping to see a Stargate and/or SG-1.

26) Buy a huge black watch and pretend it is a GDO.

27) Get paranoid about empty corners.. Could there be a Re'tu?

28) Refer to episodes by their initials- and have people understand you.

29) You go to a convention and talk Stargatese.

30) Refer to any of the actor's by their character. ex. Jack's actor, Sam's actor..

31) You're enjoying a lunch time read and somebody outside yells "Jack, will you please stop chasing Daniel up that tree".... which causes you to choke.

32)-you watch the Eurovision Song Contest [that in itself is a sign that you have a serious problem] and the country which were dressed up as American Indians immediately reminds you of 'Spirits' and in a half drunken state you try to explain the plot of the episode to everyone.

37) - For Halloween, you wrap yourself in a bedsheet and draw an "X" on your stomach. Hey Presto! You're Sha're!

38) - You watched "The Mummy" About 80 times, even though you thought it really sucked.

39) - Or you watched the Mummy about 80 times even though it sucked because you were imaging Daniel as the lead character

40). When your friend says she's going to put Daniel to bed you spit your beer all over the table and fall off your chair before you remember her two-year-son is called Daniel

41). You give your best friend the nickname Spacemonkey.

42). Or you watched the Mummy & thought Hmmmm, I wonder if those scarabs are related to the bugs in Nemesis.

43)- You erect a hula hoop in your garden and call it "The Chappa'ai"

44)- You spouse/mother/sibling comments on the symbols drawn on said hula hoop

45)- You call your home clothes "Civvies"

46)- You call your pet mice "Sha're" and "Teal'c"...

47)- You say everything tastes like chicken, even when you're a vegetarian.

48) You use words like "ASAP" "AWOL" and "Stand down" in every day conversation, although totally out of context.

49)- Before you leave the house, you insist on "Dialing out"

50) You hear strange noises that sound like a stargate coming out of the wardrobe, a la "Legacy"

51) When you're sick, you claim it's nothing "some chicken soup and a good sarcophagus " won't cure.

52) You don't need glasses, but you wear them anyway.

53) You stay up all night deciphering artifacts....

54)...despite the fact they're rocks...

55)...you got them from your back garden....

56)...and they have nothing written on them.

64)… you drive all through your country to see an exhibition (Egypt 2000 B.C.) and the first thing you say is "Abydos!" and no one understands why you're so thrilled!

65) Or you know they open a new Egyptian museum in your city, and although you know there isn't something very valuable there you're willing to go just in case... you found something goa'uldish which they don't recognize...

66) You're watching 3 Faces of Eve in psychology, and think every time she changes personalities, "She's not mentally ill! She's a Goa'uld!"

74) Hear anything about Cheyenne Mountain and wonder if the secret about the Stargate is out..

75) You build your own Goa'uld hand device and insist upon showing it off to your friends.

76)… even if they don't know a thing about Stargate.

77).. and insist that the only reason it doesn't work is because you haven't found a Tok'ra symbiote yet.

78) Look at a currycomb and wonder why it looks so much like the Goa'uld healing device.

79) Insist upon having a UV light installed in your room.

80)… to make sure the reason your computer is crashing is not from alien beings trying to communicate with you.

81) You hear the 'Funeral of Unas' and think 'no one told me we killed off another one'!

82) You think of a smiley face when confronted with ketchup, mustard, and a clean plate.

83) You have debates about which of Daniel's haircuts looks better.

84) 'Spacemonkey' doesn't seem like an odd nickname.

85) Hannah is an exclamation- not a name.

86) You have a collection of Stargate badges.

87) You plan vacations to Vancouver, B.C.

88) Your computer wallpaper is Stargate related.

89) …..along with your screen saver.

90) …..and you have Stargate sound clips loaded on your computer.

91) …... in place of the Windows dings and chimes.

92) You have taken a Stargate trivia test.

93) … and scored 100.

94) ….. and thought that you should create your own!

95) Contemplated if you should put an apostrophe in your name.

96) Find yourself starting every sentence, "With all due respect…"

112) The word 'share' came up at the top of the screen and your first thought was "What does this have to do with Sha're?"

116) You have to try and explaining to everyone why you wear Dog Tags though you are not in the military.

117) You start referring to yourself as Tauri.

120) You try and convert your friends to your addiction.

121) You start laughing when you see a preview for the movie "Get Carter".

122) You know the english translation of 'Kree'!

123) You have to watch an episode of Stargate a day, no matter that you've seen all your recorded episodes a million times.

124) You watch an episode of Stargate when it is on TV although you own the episode on video.

125) You own more than one version of "Stargate" aka. Widescreen, special edition, DVD

129) You own the books based off of the movie Stargate and the series.

130) You start liking songs just because they remind you of a shippy moment in Stargate, not because you like the artist.

131) When you hear an alarm that sounds exactly like the gate activation alarm you wait for several armed people to surround a circle and wait for a wormhole to appear.

134) When someone knocks on your door you reply that you need an iris code before you'll let them in.

135) You paint your phone red and ask all callers, "Son, do you know color this phone is?" in an authoritative voice.

136) You distrust anyone named Seth.

137) You call your children to dinner by yelling, "[name of child], KREE!"

140) Trips are planned around Vancouver so you can find the places where certain episodes were shot.

141) You created more than one webpage devoted to Stargate.

142) You laughed the whole time you read this list!

143) You have become obsessed with hockey.

145) You know what the nickname Tok'ra Spice means.

146) You did the Happy Dance when they finally brought back the Chevron guy for the fourth season.

147) You can easily have an eight hour conversation about Stargate although you're the only one that really watches the show.

148) You have coffee in your kitchen although you don't drink coffee.

149) You start a coffee addiction.

151) Start plotting how to make a music video that is Stargate related. (Been there, done that.)

152) You sit your roommate down in front of the TV and force him/her to watch hours of Stargate. (Unfortunately, my granfather thought Jack was 'too funny' and therefore didn't like the show. Meh, killjoy.)

153) You plan on attending a Sekh's Party. (say it out loud, you'll get it)

154) You don't think the wrong thing when saying Sekh's Party.

155) You think that a fountain that you walk by everyday starts to look like a Stargate, wormhole horizon and all.

156) You begin to think of attending archaeology digs.

157) You begin seeing Stargate related things in other sci-fi shows. (The Outer Limits really ripped Stargate off a few times. Seriously.)

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