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The data says otherwise..

Recently, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart mentioned a bill being passed in Texas that would ban same-sex couples from adopting or fostering children.

As if this wasn't outrage enough, the cited debate on CNN consisted of one woman citing a so-called 'study' done in Illinois, that supposedly proved that children in homosexual homes were '11 times more likely to be sexually abused'.

Before you call 'Bullshit!', gimme a minute. CNN showed the opposing side, namely a guy who said nobody credible had ever heard of that study.

Then the CNN anchor, instead of calling the woman on her bullshit, simply said "It's a good debate, an interesting debate." And ended the segment after her co-anchor said they would be discussing their opinions during the commercial break.

Jon Stewart: "Why don't you call them on their bullshit on the air? You're an anchor, for fuck's sake!" Just once more proving that Jon Stewart, a fucking COMEDIAN, is doing the job the serious networks won't. And that is just sad.

So, what is this study? What's up with that bill?

A guy with more free time than me looked for the answers.

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