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People keep googling "old men on skateboards" and getting to my site. I don't know if they find what they're looking for, and I don't know what they could be looking for. It amuses me, though. My site comes at the top of the list for that search, especially since it has the quotation marks.

And someone googled 'pete dog food so happy stargate'. That amused me. What could they possibly need to find?

"Cold" has been downloaded 504 times, so far my greatest 'one month' hit. "Thousand Mile Wish" had its hey-day and seems to be petering out slowly at 62 so far this month, and "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" seems to have caught a resurgence with 198. The Atlantis Sitcom trails behind at 139. "Like Humans Do" and "Perhaps" are usually the last with a few handful of downloads. "Fuck Off" goes up and down. For a more in-depth analysis I'd have to go back to the logs for other months and I don't have that kind of time.

I still wish there was a magical way to get the people who were looking for the old men on skateboards to stick around past the 'Author' page. Maybe I should add a big sign "For Old Men On Skateboards Click Here" and put a link to I dunno, whatever.

Someone wrote a Crossing Jordan fic to 'fix' the ending of the season finale last Sunday, apparently so that Woody was nicer to Jordan or whatever. I didn't read it. I mean, I'm not going to rag on the writer, I'm sure (well I'm not sure, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt) that the story is good. But I am so not on the Woody/Jordan bandwagon. Woody did the right thing because Jordan's been nothing but a bitch to him for how many seasons now? And I understand that she has issues, serious issues, but if she can't help herself then it's up to him to tell her to take her issues and shove them.

*sigh* She was so much more interesting when her father was around and she actually had a purpose in life with finding her mom's killer and her crazy brother and all that. Now that they've gone ensemble, I love all the characters, but it's not the same with her. She's gotten kind of annoying. Every so often she does something good and I cheer her on, but I dunno. I'm just glad I can watch old reruns on A&E and speaking of, when are we going to get this thing on DVD? NBC fuckers.

Someone found my site by searching for "planet fuck". That's... special. My site is not porn, people! Though maybe I'd get more people to stick around if it were.

I should upload that SGA moodtheme, just to have it. I can always change it later, even with a free account, right? If it's already uploaded? I'll have to check.

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