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Now I really remember why I have my dream journal.

Rereading some of those dreams is too funny. Some of them don't even ring a bell, but are just weird enough for my mind. Then there's that funny dream when I was Carson and Rodney was there. Cracked me up because it was so IC.
I'm not sure where the dream took place actually, I'm debating that it was the Antartic outpost (why in a minute). And for some reason Rodney's sister Jeannie was there.

Rodney was trying to hit on someone, I can't remember who, and I (Carson) was making tremendous fun of him for it. Don't ask why. So Rodney, to get me off his back, so to speak, introduced me to his sister. I tried with the sister, but it didn't really go anywhere (though she liked my shoes), so I went to bed.

It was really very cold, and I shared quarters with Rodney. I was all huddled in under the covers and Rodney was too in his bed, and we were sort of cracking jokes at each other, mostly about our romantic failures. Finally it was really really cold and I went "Y'know, the t'ing to do in cold like this..." And Rodney got the hint so I went to cuddle up with him to share body heat. He was really warm and it was nice, but we were both either really straight or really in denial in this dream (I vote for denial), so it was like that scene they kept showing in the commercials for Without A Paddle when they're in the cave and have to huddle together. Rodney kept complaining about where I was putting my hands. I kept freaking out going "Aaah!" about where my hands were ending up. But then Sheppard came in and started singing Sigillum Diaboli... oh wait, that was Ville Valo on the alarm clock.
That was from back at the beginning of March. Too funny.

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