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Blame amezri

This is all amezri's fault for linking me to Joe-Flanigan.net.

I stumbled onto the quotes section. The one about being so agitated he's actually awake isn't on there. It's still my favourite. But I gotta give a nod to: "I don't have a brain any more. It's gone. And I'm happier as a result. Brains are so overrated, don't you think?"

Then there's: Begged to discount a romance with Aiden Ford (Rainbow Sun Francks), Flanigan gives a deep chuckle and retorts, "Why? 'Cos you'd be jealous?"

Silly interviewer. Everyone knows Sheppard is banging McKay. And/or Carson. Okay so my OTP is Rodney/Carson, but they can fit Sheppy in there somewhere, right? *snicker*

Okay I'm done.

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