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Bunch of Stargate Memes

Blame ninnui.

What kind of Stargate fans are your LJ Friends? by Kel_of_Merentha
Favorite character:
Secretly hates SG and is really a Trekkie:granola_dyke
Has wild sexual fantasies involving Wraiths:docbrite
Has slept with at least 10 cast members:caiyene
Has restraining orders filed by 10 cast members:dinoflagellate
Lives in the bushes outside of Bridge Studios:pegasusuroborus
Wants to be abducted by Asgard and probed:seekrit_dreams
Dreams of a threesome with Sheppard and McKay:phanny_saru
Is really a Goa'uld:skankypirates
Is really David Hewlett:avilion
Secretly has a Re@l L!fe:fangirljen
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Oh I like this one:
Which SGA Character will you have sex with? by Kel_of_Merentha
Who?Markham and Stackhouse
Where?Wraith hiveship
How?just a quickie
Who watched?Ford and his video camera
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Your LJ Friends' Stargate Dream Dates by Kel_of_Merentha
Name anything.. ANYTHING!
Wild sex with Shep (woo, whips!):owlmagick
Whine and dine with Kavanagh:chennpug
Romantic knife & acid torture with Baal:ardennes
Fishing with Jack:amezri
Glowy ascended sex with Daniel:mice1900
Donuts in the back seat with Teal'c:alk
Human life-sucking and fondue with Steve:seekrit_dreams
Maple syrup and bondage with McKay:ginalin
Mind-probe and a movie with Thor:darlita
1000-year date and innocent hot sex with Fifth:scap3goat
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I'm easily amused.

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