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Animal Planet is on crack

So mom makes me put on Pet Star, a really dumb show that should really be called Stupid Pet Tricks, because that's what it basically is. It's hosted by Slater from Saved by The Bell, and it's got a panel of 3 'celebrity' judges each episode.

Normally the tricks are pretty run-of-the-mill. Some are pretty good. Some are really dumb.

Today there was one that took the cake. This guy walked in with a Schnauzer and proudly claimed that she would clean his teeth. So he sat back on this chair, the dog got on his lap, and then he proceeded to make out with his dog. The audience was all "eeeeeeeeew" and really freaked out. And the judges were stunned. And the guy just kept on making out with his dog and all I could think was "who is in charge of auditions and why did they let this guy in?"

My mom was the best, though. Once she recovered from the shock enough to speak, the first coherent words out of her mouth were "He has to be homosexual. They do that."


Then one of the judges who's one of those random Comedy Central guys, asked the contestant guy to kiss him, you know, as a joke, and the guy did. And mom was all "See? I told you."


The guy went on tv to make out with his dog. There are no words. *lol* And Mario Lopez was all "So how did you start making out with your dog?" because he usually asks how they figured whatever trick out, and that was no trick, that was making out with the dog. And the guy went on about how she got her tongue down to his tonsils. No words.

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