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Well fuck you

So I wanted to be productive today. And I was. But I would've been more productive if I hadn't had a 7 hour headache that is still raging on. And it's getting worse. I took drugs but those work half the time if I'm lucky. *sigh* Oh well. It'll go away eventually.

One thing did brighten my day, though. A bit from an interview that's making the rounds today.

[On McKay's frequent scene partner, Paul McGillion, who plays Dr. Carson Beckett] We actually have a love scene coming up. You'd have to do some factchecking, but it might be the first man on man kiss in sci fi. McKay ends up having a person transfer into his body, a female, and she ends up with a crush on [Beckett]. Paul teased me mercilessly for weeks in advance of the shooting. On that day, we went for rehearsal … it would be weird to kiss even the women on the show, I know them all so well, and more importantly they all know me so well [laughs]. So that's why it was important to do this well, in case I ever want to go near them again. For rehearsal, [Hewlett did a real kiss, which McGillion wasn't expecting]. Yeah, after that, he sent me flowers and chocolate [laughs].

Be still my heart! *barely-controlled squee* My love of Hewlett knows no bounds. I'm going to die before 'Duet' even airs. *lol* Dude, the icons I will make...

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