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Battlestar Galactica

So last night spawned some discussion on old BSG vs. new BSG. I don't think it's an argument worth having. I mean, if it's an argument that entertains you, by all means, have it. But the shows are just too different for the discussion to get anywhere. Sure, there's some overlap, but that's it.

Can't two people have the same nickname? I mean, I know there's more ElvenWolfs out there, and I don't go around saying how it's blasphemy or how I'm better than them or whatever. I'm SG's ElvenWolf, and I've put that name on all SG-related things I do and as far as I know, if it's SG and has ElvenWolf on it, it's mine. The other ElvenWolf is HP's, which I don't touch with a ten-foot pole. There's room for everyone.

That said, I do prefer girl!Starbuck. Mmmmm I'd frak her through the mattress once or twice and come back for more. *blink* Did I say that out loud? No, I wrote it down on a public entry. There's a difference. ;)

Old!Starbuck will always remind me of Mr. T. And that is so not sexy.

I think what a lot of people I've talked to (not everyone, mind you) are experiencing is good old-fashioned 70's nostalgia. I had that with the 80's. I used to be completely obsessed with Knight Rider. I mean, it was really sad. But now I watch it and I find that it is boring and dated. I'm not saying old!BSG is the same way, but it is dated in most ways that matter to me, and I can't watch it in the same way I used to when I was a kid. For a long time I thought it was great, because I only had memories of seeing it as a kid.

My favourite things about new!BSG that I can't really deal with in old!BSG anymore (and couldn't even before the new version started, so at its core it was never a matter of comparison) are basically two. In new!BSG the Cylons are actually frightening, because, you know, they don't look like bloody Christmas trees. They seem more complex now, as well, with all the infiltration stuff, and how some look like humans now and how that affects their collective psyche and methods. The other thing I like is the equality between the genders. It's not just a matter of having Starbuck and Boomer be girls. It's a matter of, they're girls, and none of the other characters really give a frak that they are girls. They're pilots, just like everyone else. Their vaginas never come into question. Except you know, for their actual biological functions. The same with the president. When she got the presidency, everyone's concern was that she was 47th on the succession list and that she was 'a schoolteacher' (Secretary of Education). If anyone was worried about her job performance, it had to do with her previous career and experience, not with her vagina. I like that, it's something that will inevitably turn me on about a show. I do remember some eps on old!BSG kind of dealing with the gender thing (bear in mind I don't think I ever saw all of them, and my memories are sketchy and generalised at best), but while SF always looks ahead, there is only so far into the future a 1978 show can look. And we've passed that point by now.

I also like the religion aspect on it, which I really don't remember how it was on the original. I like that the heroes are pagans and the bad guys are monotheists. It's different, and I love it.

Now, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Gods know I've tried to get Pega to at least watch it before she forms an opinion and haven't gotten anywhere. I just wanted to point out some of the reasons why I love this new show, regardless of what it's called. I can understand how some people may feel it is a betrayal of the old show, and how they would've preferred the new one be called something else and just be completely different. I could get behind that too. I think the people involved in making this show could've made any show be as cool, they could've started from scratch and created their own mythology. But that's not what the producers decided to do, and unfortunately there's nothing we can do to change that now. And in the end, it really makes no difference to me who watches and who doesn't.

Now Stargate Atlantis, on the other hand, should be mandatory viewing. ;)

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