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Sci Fi Friday

So, as promised, half-coherent thoughts about the Stargate premieres.

First, just to get it out of the way, SG1, or rather, as I've renamed it, SGwannabe. Get it? Say it out loud. I slay me. *snickers* So basically, the episode begins with no SG1. SG1 is done. Over. Kaputt. Torn asunder. For some reason Sam's given up fieldwork to go play with her doohickies (I understand Amanda Tapping was pregnant and they had to keep her off-camera, but couldn't they have come up with something more Sam-like? Sam likes her doohickies, but enough to give up the adventure that comes later in the ep? Doesn't wash.), Teal'c is off playing Jaffa Washington on Dakara, and Daniel is getting ready to go to Atlantis.

And what about Jack? We get Beau Bridges in his office, but no explanation as to why Jack left. Even when Jack finally appears in a 2-minute cameo we don't know why he left. We theorised that he and Daniel split up over the Atlantis issue, and Jack, unable to handle this, took a job in DC. *shrugs* But as someone mentioned on one of the communities on my flist, we can just pretend this is another crazy Moebius!AU and that in the really real world Jack/Daniel forever. Hey, at lack of any other explanation, you make your own.

Basically, the core of the episode was introducing Ben Browder's character, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell. If you're bringing in a new character, you introduce him. Fine. I was fine with that. I was even fine with no-SG1 and Cameron going around trying to put the team back together. That would've made a good SG1 sort of ep.

But then you bring in Vala.

Now, I like Vala. I love Claudia Black, even loved her in The Vampire Travesty (what there was of her in it). I liked 'Prometheus Unbound', it was a funny ep. But putting Ben and Claudia together in the first episode seemed like obvious pandering to the Farscape crowd. Now, I was part of that crowd, but that was one crossover AU I didn't really dream about. It detracted too much from SG1. It became the Ben and Claudia show with Daniel on the side and Teal'c in the background.

Okay, so the first half of the show is mostly flashback, explaining who Cameron is and how come he's so chummy with Sam. Then we get Vala strutting in, catching up with her old pal Crichton Cameron, doing her best to annoy Daniel, then predictably trick him into some hare-brained scheme to find Excalibur.

Then they meet someone who I'm told is Dumbledore Merlin, who's also an Ancient, and they have to solve some puzzle thingies to get Excalibur. And then we're in Avalon part 2, a crossover between SG1, Farscape, Monty Python, and Quantum Leap.

Even though that might sound silly, I liked this ep better than Avalon 1. I think Cameron is finally starting to crawl out from under all the expository flashbacks and becoming less not-Crichton, and more importantly, less not-Jack. Sure, there's a bit of Crichton here and there, as there would be with any actor who puts himself into a role, but he doesn't play dumb like Jack did. It was nice to see him contribute to the conversation about the Ancients (who we now know called themselves the Alterans, and I'm glad we finally have a non-lame name for them). I think he's adapting well to the team, even if he's still SG1's Fanboy. I actually kind of like that he's the fanboy.

The bits with Daniel and Vala were pretty much Quantum Leap meets Monty Python. The marriage gags were getting old by that point, but so far the whole thing hasn't degrated into the realm of the shippy.

We're learning more about the Alterans, I like that. I like that the characters are finally starting to realise what I've been saying for a while. The Ancients are/were not perfect and pure as the driven snow. They were just another empire that evolved and finally collapsed, at least as far as we know it mostly collapsed. I kind of miss the Goa'uld, but I'm glad they're staying with the 'false gods' theme. It's the core of Stargate, and losing that, at least on SG1, would be sad.

So we're left with another cliffhanger, after Daniel and Vala met young Gandalf Merlin? and he took them away, presumably for some nice expository dialogue. Having this adventure happen all 'in their minds' helps some with the Sam issue, I think. There's nowhere for Sam to go and rescue them. This is partly a medical issue, and Short Bald Geeky Guy is dealing with the doohickey, and as soon as Sam hears about it she'll come back to try and figure it out herself, and probably save the day in the process. At least, I'm guessing. That's how I would do it.

Okay, question. Because my attention wanders. What ship did they leave on for the Avalon thingie? And why did they need a ship in the first place? It's been a whole week, I've forgotten.

And now, my wonderfully geeky gay show, Atlantis! The Siege 3 picks up where The Siege 2 left us so long ago. I did think they resolved that whole Shep dying thing too fast, but we all knew it was coming, so leaving it as a cliffhanger in the first place was kind of moot. But soon after that the action really picks up and doesn't give you any time to dwell on it.

1. How great is it that we have an Asgard on this show now? And Hermiod is just the best Asgard ever. I love how he mutters under his breath about people and narrows his eyes at them when they're being pesky humans. I love him to bits.

2. Rodney was classic Rodney in both The Siege 3 and The Intruder. Having him drop the magazine while pointing the gun at the Wraith was hilarious, as well as his attempts to cover himself before in-ship transport.

3. Character development. I've noticed a few slight changes and some improvements in some characters. I don't know where to attribute this, but Rachel Luttrell seems to feel more confident in Teyla's skin, perhaps it's just a decision on how to portray her on her part or the director's, or just the writing. In TS3 we got to see the side of Carson everyone needed to see. In season one it was easy to just sort of see him as kind of a whiner, but most of us who liked him knew that it was really a fish out of water situation, and that in the infirmary he's in his element and even when things go nasty he's able to deal and do what he has to. He handled Ford as best he could, even when being shot at. Rodney would've reacted to that much differently. But poor Ford! I'm along for the evil!Ford ride, only because I'm hoping and praying that they'll find him, fix him, and he'll be part of the Alpha Team again.

How's that petition to save him going, anyway? So far, I still see Rainbow Sun Francks on the teaser credits (which are no longer opening credits, really, mrph), even though he wasn't on The Intruder.

4. Not-Home. I've read complaints about how the trip to Earth was glossed over into flashbacks. Let me explain why I agree with the way they did it. We already got an ep about them on Earth, of sorts, even if it turned out to be fake!Earth. Remember the point of an episode is to provide an exciting sci-fi/adventure plot, and character development should follow that. 'Home' teetered on the brink of uninteresting until things started getting really weird. An episode about them on real!Earth wouldn't have really worked as a standalone episode. Stretch out the Weir and Simon plot and the John stuff to an hour and it becomes a soap opera.

I understand we want to know more about the characters, even the boring bits, but this isn't in the best interests of the producers to do anyway. Sci Fi Channel wouldn't run it unless it had a solid plot. And let's see, what kind of plot they could get into on Earth? Probably nothing other than a SG1 crossover. This would make an interesting thing once they decided to cross over again, but for now, the SGA crew on Earth is in the realm of the fanficcers.

I do, however, wish they'd given us at least a little bit of John's promotion ceremony. On the other hand, there's an issue with that as well. It all seemed like Weir pretty much bullied Langdry into promoting Sheppard. I don't really know much about the military, but wouldn't that seem kind of... lame? To the other flyboys and such, if a civilian basically threatened the General and such. Not that it's not deserved. Shep's proven himself enough times, even if he's got an attitude problem. *shrug* Just a thought. Maybe they're foolishly trying to set up the Sheppard/Weir thing, which in my opinion would be a mistake. Just think of how the SG1 crowd got all divided over the Sam/Jack issue to the point where the producers had to just drop it.

Overall, I'm really enjoying season 2.

Overall Continuity. I've been trying for a while now, in the process of helping friends with their fanfic and just trying to make sense of it all in my OCD little brain, to match up SG1 and SGA continuity. At times this seems like a fruitless quest, because TPTB don't really seem to care.

I need help with this. At the time Rising first aired, I wasn't really watching Sci Fi Fridays. In fact, I was kind of boycotting the concept since the Farscape cancellation. I was only really watching SG1 sporadically on the weekdays, the older eps. So I missed the beginning of season 8, and I don't know how many eps of that had aired by the time Rising did. Does anyone remember which ep of SG1 aired that week? It would help me lots. Because I know that Weir was in the first two eps, and right after that she got sent to Antarctica, and then in Rising she says she's been putting the expedition together 'for months', but doesn't say exactly how many, and just a couple of months wouldn't be enough. So there definitely has to be a stretch there.

It all seemed to match up again when the SGC got the zpm during that whole Moebius thing, and then they sent it to Atlantis. But by the premieres, it was all wonky again. Avalon presupposes a substantial gap between the last season and this one. Since Moebius did fuck all the timeline up, we can play fast and loose with that as well. But there's no time between TS2 and TS3. So for a while we wondered how TS1 and 2 matched up to what was going on at the SGC. Jack left, so how come he was the one who sent Col. Everett? And in Avalon, Daniel complaining about missing the ship to Atlantis, but would they let him go in the middle of a battle? Hell, if Jack approved the mission, he would not have let Daniel on it.

And so it went.

But then The Intruder seemed to fix that. It's possible the trip that Daniel missed was the one taking Weir and co. back to Atlantis after the siege. Plus they establish that there's been about a month or so between the siege and The Intruder. So, it's possible that Jack was still in charge during that, and then left afterwards, soon enough for Weir to have to deal with Beau Bridges when she got back.

It works for me.

I've rambled long enough. I need lunch now.

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