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You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Stargate...

...when you see this headline: "Ancients Rarely Punished Prostitutes" and the next immediate thought was "So Oma Desala was really in the wrong line of work there..." [Edit: And then your second thought is "...but they punished Chaya. Those archaeologists are wrong..."]

In other news, I'm so idiotic. I turned on Windows Media Player, picked a playlist, hit play... Three whole tracks later I realised I wasn't hearing anything and that I'd forgotten to turn the speakers on. *facepalms* I must've really been intent on catching up with the flist.

In other other news, hair is slipperier than you'd think. I almost slipped on the trimmings at the salon today. There was like an ocean of trimmings after my haircut. I'm never letting it get that bad again, I don't care what I say.

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