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Sci Fi News, really

Tachyon TV's Spoiler Guide to 'Lost'
Hooked on Lost? Can't wait to find out what happens next? Did you forget to watch the E4 documentary that spoilt it all? Well, fret not, as Tachyon TV has seen all 25 episodes and we can now present all the answers to many the questions posed in season one:

1) You get to know who owns the Mexican comicbook.

2) er... that's it.


Rygel XVI joins Stargate
Dominar Rygel XVI has joined the cast of Stargate, reuniting with fellow Farscape actors Ben Browder and Claudia Black in the process.

"I'm playing one of those anodyne human soldiers and the make-up is a bloody nightmare. I have to undergo six hours of prosthetics every morning and the motorised stilts are a killer."

His old ship, Moya, is currently in talks to appear as a regularly occurring corridor in Stargate: Atlantis.


Battlestar Galactica: the Musical
In a desperate attempt to inject a bit of fun back into Battlestar Galactica, the producer's have announced plans to film a musical episode.

Described by Ronald D Moore as "Blackpool meets the Black Hole", the episode will feature:

  • Commander Adama growling his way through The Smith's 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'

  • Boomer serenading Helo with a cover version of Cylon Dion's 'I Will Always Love You' (backed by a choir of naked Boomers). This then segues into Lionel Ritche's 'Helo' (bring a tissue).

  • Colonel Tigh beating his dead wife with a broken bottle while he mimes (badly) to 'Fairytale of New York'

  • President Roslyn's acoustic 'Personal Jesus'

  • Baltar singing the theme tune to Pipkins (for no readily apparent reason!)

  • Starbuck and Apollo in an all-signing, all-dancing version of Kylie and Jason's 'Especially for You'

And then everybody dies...


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