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Doctor Who DVD

Doctor Who DVD News
'The Web Planet' DVD has been delayed for a month. This is because of clearance and classification problems at the BBFC; the panel couldn't stop laughing long enough to write their report.

Tachyon TV can also exclusively reveal the final details for the long-awaited Doctor Who 2005 boxset:

  • Commentaries on all the episodes by every single member of the production team, except the one you want.

  • Billie Piper's home-movie sex video (with Chris Evans): 3 mins

  • 'Thinking up Fart Gags' Featurette: 24 mins

  • 'Keeping the Doctor Gay' Featurette: 24 mins

  • 'Locating the Logo Designers (drama-documentary): 42 mins

  • 'Andrew Pixely Stalks the Production Team' (poor quality shaky-cam): 90 mins

  • 'Parting of the Ways' alternative ending when it wasn't planned like that from the start: 3 minutes

  • 'Shaun Lyon has a lie-down': (a few minutes)

  • 'Murray Gold drops some cymbals': (often)

  • 'Jack Barrowman Gushes Uncontrollably': 1 hour

  • 'Christopher Eccleston Interview': 37 seconds

  • Deleted scenes: including the one where 'Bad Wolf' makes sense.

  • All the BBC pre-publicity trailers and various crew appearances on a variety of naff chat-shows: seventeen hours over four discs

  • Easter Eggs: 'Eccleston threatens to lamp Keith Boak' and 'Jack's Glorious Arse': (20 seconds each)

  • TK Max Catalogue (PDF file)

From Tachyon TV
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