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Savage Garden is putting out the 'Best Of' album. You know, I'm sure they can fill up that CD with great songs, but it's sad that they only have two albums to draw from. Yes, I still get sad a little when I think about it. But it's supposed to have two new Darren songs.

I'm looking at the savagegarden.com site, and having random Midnight Island flashbacks. I should resurrect Daz for the Werewolf game. After all dad and Rob have read about the game, I think Daz'd throw them for a loop, and it'd be fun to watch.

Gah, listening to the new song makes me all nostalgic over Savage Garden. Those were some good times. *sigh* They introduced me to RPS, for better or worse. But they were pretty much just asking for it. They slashed themselves. The music was the best part, of course. And the random geekery and pop-gothness.

Okay I don't want to get THIS nostalgic. I'll stop.

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