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SGA Drabble: Untitled

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McBeck+
Genre: Drabble
Rating: Mature

Everybody assumed Carson was the natural bottom. What else would people think when looking at the soft-spoken doctor? He was gentle, always with a kind word for everyone. If anyone had any fantasies about it at all, they'd probably imagine him underneath Rodney, actively passive but passive nonetheless. Not Sheppard, though. When he thought about Beckett and McKay he pictured Rodney on his knees, his limbs shackled, ass striped red from the force of Carson's whip. Carson would be shirtless, teasing in leather pants. The mild physician breathless with lust. Only Sheppard knew that his fantasy was the true one.


Just something done between phone calls. I felt the need to challenge myself to be short. *shrug*

Also, we're going out tonight, so this means no Stargate with chat tonight either. Oh well, there's next week, and torrents. I'll have to download both tomorrow morning.

Tags: fanfic, mcbeck, slash, stargate

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