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Dad vs the Atlantean Davidians

A short exchange this morning in the truck:

J: *going on about Pega and David Nykl*
D: *listening, amused*
J: So since Zelenka's name is David Nykl and Rodney's is David Hewlett, we ended up creating the cult of Atlantean Davidianism. Pega's the High Priestess and I'm the Grand Inquisitor.
D: Fits.
J: Yes. You must accept that hotness that is David Hewlett or I will flog you a second time.
D: The hotness? You mean the paunchy bald guy who can't run?
J: *defensively* He learns.
D: *chuckles*
J: I don't know why he's so hot, he just is.
D: I guess hotness knows no bounds.
J: He's got a great ass, though.
D: In those baggy pants?
J: I've seen other things he's been in. I've seen most of it actually. *grin*

At that point this all degenerated into giggling.

Tags: atlantean davidianism

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