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Los Espectros!

So I'm watching 'Letters from Pegasus' in Spanish. Why? Morbid curiosity, I do this sort of thing every so often. Oh. My. Gods. The voice actors really don't get it. The snarkasm is not there, at all. It's all so serious. I can't stop laughing. Zelenka sounds like he's 80 years old, and Sheppard sounds like 'OMG TESTOSTERONE!!!' You have to hear it to understand. Rodney is all wrong. He sounds bored rather than snarky.

I really need more Spanish-speakers on my flist. Randomly.

In other linguistical news, I found the local Deutsche Welle repeating station last night/this morning. I listened to the bits in German for a bit. Maybe I can retrain my ear and actually go back to my study of it. Either that or buy more German porn. *halo*

Tags: linguistics, stargate

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