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Perhaps: A Beckett/McKay fanmix

I've been working on this for some time, finally ironed it out and made the cover art. Special thanks to Tree and Martouf Marty for inspiring two of the songs, which they vidded and were just too good to pass up. This has also been heavily influenced by my own vid work and by Mice's Moments Sacred and Profane. But only loosely so, so this doesn't really count as fic mix.

In my head, it tells a story, the back and forth, push and pull of Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett. The 'I love you, I love you not', the 'need, need not' of their relationship, a hybrid of what we see on the show and what we imagine to be. Hopefully, with a slice of happy ending cheesecake for dessert.

Please right-click and save. I'm hosting these on my own server because I can't be arsed to deal with YSI or Megaupload or whatever else is out there.

1. Reel Big Fish - You Don't Know
And most of all, I don't need your opinion. You don't know what it's like to be like me. You don't know, so keep your mouth shut.

2. Barenaked Ladies - Stomach vs. Heart
"I think I feel something. It could be lunch related."

3. Cake - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
You won't admit you love me. And so how am I ever to know? You only tell me
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

4. Sugarcult - Bouncing Off The Walls
I'm bouncing off the walls again (whoa oh)
And I'm looking like a fool again (whoa oh)
So go ahead and take a picture
And hang it up so you can tear me down

5. Savage Garden - I Want You
Ooh I want you I don't know if I need you but oooh I'd die to find out.
Come stand a little bit closer
Breathe in and get a bit higher
You'll never know what hit you
When I get to you

6. Cake - No Phone
Now I don't want to seem unkind
But god (it's such a crime)
No phone No phone I just want to be alone today
No phone no phone

7. Zoo Army - Selfish Box
because we've locked ourselves into a selfish box, just me and you
we're so naive, we couldn't achieve the plans we had
there's no air to breathe

8. Robert Palmer - Bad Case of Loving You
Doctor, Doctor, give me the news. I got a bad case of lovin' you.

9. Friends of Lizzy - If It's Wrong
So I don't know if I should want you
When something in your eyes
Sounds the alarm
You won't believe the things I'll tell you
If it's wrong, then it's wrong
I ain't ever gonna know!

10. Finger Eleven - Thousand Mile Wish
So can you stay until we close our eyes
Til your dreams hold mine
Just stay until we know we tried one more time

11. Crossfade - Cold
What I really meant to say
Is I'm sorry for the way I am
I never meant to be so cold

12. The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day
You got me in a spin but everythin' is A.OK!

Touching you, touching me
touching you, god you're touching me

13. Darren Hayes - Touch
I know that we are the sun and the moon, the stars
Every time we touch
You know that we are the light
And the universe has been changed because we touched

14. Savage Garden - The Best Thing
You're so close where do you end where do I begin?
Always pushing and pulling
Sometimes sanity takes vacation time on me
I'm in a daze stumbling bewildered

Never want to fly
Never want to leave
Never want to say what you mean to me
Never want to run
Frightened to believe
You're the best thing about me

15. t.A.T.u. - Cosmos (Outer Space)
Outer space is where we get together
And this place we're meant to be

In the cosmos, we are free
There's no atmosphere
And no obsessions
It'll always be
It'll always be
Our home forever is, outer space

Bonus Track: Tartan Terrors - Drunken Scotsman

Zip file, including cover art here. Around 65 megs.

Enjoy! :) Crossposted to my LJ, _rfa and beckett_mckay.
Tags: music, slash, stargate atlantis
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