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We ended up going to Colonial Park Mall on Saturday and I got Brokeback Mountain (on fucking widescreen eh?), and ended up also getting an OMGOVERPRICED writing journal at Waldenbooks. Blame the muses on that one. They're figuring I owe them for all the neglect. But, they've already started to fill it out, which pleases us greatly. So far, money semi-well spent.

Those of you who didn't want to hear this a while ago probably don't give a shit anymore. I'm redoing Apollo Rising from scratch. It might not even end up being named or structured that way. I might just lump the entire 'trilogy' together into one book, and cut through all the filler. Certain characters are getting an overhaul, and some are getting the axe. Jaz will be Jaz instead of the Wangst Queen. And some characters which were much maligned will get some due justice.

For the most part, I don't care if anyone is 'on board' with me for this. At this point, this is still an ungoing project, and I've decided that I can take the luxury of taking my time and doing it right. It'll rock when it's done and then y'all can get excited about it. ;)

Saw PotC2 on Saturday. Giggled way too much.

Then came home and watched Brokeback. The ending killed me, even though I'd just read the short story. Of course, the story made me sniffly, but it's a different experience. And I was surprised by how fearless the movie was. It made things like Alexander look like such copouts in comparison. Though, to be fair, Alexander and Hephaistion are a different subject altogether--it was a different culture they lived in and while yes, they were 'lovers' in the Classical sense, whether they actually did the nasty in the Macedonian Tent of Manliness is still up for debate. (I think they did it every day and twice on Sundays, but that could just be wishful thinking.) I like Mary Renault's take on their relationship. Hephaistion practically worshipped the ground Alexander walked on, but Alex was so caught up in his 'destiny' and his philosophy that his views may have hindered a physical relationship. Not because he was morally opposed to buggery, but because he had this high ideal of romantic purity or however you want to call it. Aristotle has a line in the movie about men lying together in knowledge and all of that. Alex may have buggered all the Persian eunuchs, he may have wanted something more sublime with Hephaistion.

I haven't had nearly enough coffee to be intellectual just yet. Just, if you're interested, read Fire from Heaven and see what I mean. Though there are some references to them getting it on, it can be taken either way.

But I digress. Brokeback Mountain pulled no punches and I'm glad it got the recognition it did. I was worried that Ang Lee was going to pull an Oliver Stone.

But you know what? It wasn't even the sexuality aspect of the film that was disappointing. The film itself was poor. (I'm talking about Alexander now.) It had some good scenes, and it was visually appealing, but the writing and editing were just... Who decided to begin a movie with a ten minute monologue? And it wasn't even an interesting monologue. And Alexander could've been less whiny.

But that's just my own opinion. I have to get out of here. I'm almost late.
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