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I spotted Joe May on last night's The Dead Zone. Marines never die. They go to hell and regroup become carnies. Harry Maybourne was bouncing around the 4400 too. And who else? There was someone else because by the time I spotted Maybourne he was the second one and I was laughing at the antics of the RCRAG.

No, I remember now. Rob and I were commenting on Agent Lorne, and Kari was all confused and we told her who he was, and then Maybourne came along and I was all 'oh yeah, him too'.

I'm working on the finishing touches of my ship_manifesto for today. It will be a little cracky. Not quite as eloquent as my Woody/Nigel manifesto.

I want to watch Kingdom of Heaven but alas, I probably won't have the time.
Tags: movies, stargate, the dead zone

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