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Fandom Is Love

First off, Happy Birthday, amezri! *hugs*

Then, a few thoughts on fandom:

Fandom is loving somebody you've never met.

Fandom is sleeping over at someone's you've only ever met online and knowing you won't get rapeified during the night.

Fandom is safety in numbers.

Fandom is knowing that even if the series is over, the show does go on.

Fandom is knowing you're not alone.

Fandom is always having somebody to wig out on when TPTB do something incredibly stupid.

Fandom is having someone to *facepalm* with you when other fans do something incredibly stupid.

Fandom is never having to explain yourself.

Fandom is knowing that there's always someone nerdier than you.

Fandom is knowing that there's always someone nerdier than you, and that they're on the show.

Fandom is crack.

Fandom is on crack.

Fandom is love.
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