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Gringos Can't Make Salsa

I was at the grocery store a while back, and I came across something I had to buy just for the humour value. A jar of salsa named Green Mountain Gringo.

I gave it to my dad.

Well, I knew it had to suck, but with a name like that, you just have to. It all ties in with our running joke of starting a restaurant called the Spicalicious and place it next to the hicktastic 'Hometown Family Restaurant' down the road. Aunt Marcia will make Mama Marcia's Spicghetti Sauce, and I'll make sorullitos de maíz, and dad will make his chili and we'll have Green Mountain Gringo salsa.

Except just today I finally cracked open the jar. It's craptastic. Truly craptastic.

I think I'll toss the salsa and plant a cactus in the jar.

It'll be a conversation piece. ;)
Tags: family, spicalicious, we're dorks

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