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Me Time

Last night I got a full body massage at the local salon/spa. All courtesy of the gift certificate dad got me for giftmas last year. I finally put it to good use. I don't think I would've spent that kind of money on a massage, but I think I will do it semi-regularly from now on. It took her about half an hour just to undo the knots in my shoulders and back.

This weekend, I'm getting a haircut, the do don't spike no more.

I'm still annoyed that everything I gotta do on Saturdays needs to be done simultaneously because nothing opens after noon. The Pearl won't get inspected or serviced this weekend, and it's at 12000 miles this week. Oh well. I'm always a few hundred miles late, so it's all good. I'll take it in next weekend.

Then I'm coming home and watching SGA. I'm behind! I gotta catch up on BSG too. So until then, no spoilers. And thanks to everyone who's used the LJ-cuts.

Tonight? I won't be baking. I think I will bake over the weekend. I just don't have the drive when I get home in the evenings.

I might do some writing, though. I'm eager to get to the next scene.
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