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SGA: Why I Am Not Worried

I guess it's time for me to put my 2 cents in... Okay, so it's not really time for me to do anything, but I'm going to put them in anyway.

Cut for S4 spoilers and the like. Don't bother reading if you're sick of hearing about it, or very upset by it.

Why am I not worried? Sure, I agree with the lot of you that the changes suck, and losing Martin Gero may be even worse for the show than losing Carson. You can have great episodes without Carson, as much as I love him, but great episodes are usually penned by Martin Gero. While Weir may not have the most exciting personality, she is important to the show's dynamic.

So in all likelihood, season four will leave a lot to be desired.

So, why am I not worried? I won't go into holier-than-thou mode and go on about how it's 'just' a tv show. No, the reason I'm not worried is precisely because it is NOT just a tv show. Fandom gives life to fiction and the same way ficcers are still giving us Sentinel stories, and Due South stories, and even Starsky and Hutch stories... Atlantis will live on, and it will be what we make it.

We don't have to sit quietly and take it. We can sit at our keyboards and fix it. We will have Mice's MSP, the Spubbaverse, roleplaying games in which Weir is still very much in charge but Christoph reigns supreme, and there's nothing TPTB can do or say about it.

Atlantis means more to me than just an hour of television a day. I've made friends on Atlantis that I may not have made otherwise. The show could go off the air today and I would still love every squee-filled minute. Why would I let the bad decisions of the few in charge sour that?

Besides, it can't suck worse than season 10 of SG-1. Heh.

PS. I'm still getting my gate address tattoo.
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