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McBeck. Rodney/Carson. You might say I'm delusional, but then, according to TPTB all slashers are delusional. For years they tried to shove Sam/Jack down our throats on SG1, and while they haven't pushed a major pairing so much in SGA, they've certainly not treated a certain demographic with respect.

But despite of it all, I believe in this pairing. Again, I'm delusional, but isn't the whole experience of fiction one shared delusion coloured by your individual perspective? When I see Carson and Rodney together, I See It. Yes, they bicker, and sometimes stray, and Rodney is often a jerk to Carson, but that's just how Rodney is, and Carson's faithfulness to him says more than any overt gestures of affection could convey. And I won't waste our time trying to prove it, bringing up telltale moments like a the_gay_chip post. Let's just accept it and move on. It's fiction, it can be whatever the hell we want.

In my delusional state, McBeck is canon, and that's how it will stay. No, I haven't watched 'Sunday'. I intend to, but I will do so at a time of my own choosing. But I know that no matter what that episode did to the pairing, it will always be real to me. McBeck = canon. And I will play in other sandboxes, but I will always come home.

Rec me some good recent McBeck fic. I haven't read fanfiction in a long time.
Tags: mcbeck, slash, stargate, stargate atlantis

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