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Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Today was busier than I planned it to be, and yet I got squat done. I did get an email from everlydawn, and we met at Isaac's in Hershey for lunch. I like hanging with Evie, she's cool. We traded stories of fantardery and now I really wish I were going to Vancouver with her and Erynn and such. I'll shoot for next year.

After that I went over to my girl's for a little bit. We watched a bit of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl III. I can't believe there's been a Puppy Bowl II. I can't imagine the kind of person who came up with this concept. It's the most randomly pointless show ever. Which is why we watched it for nearly an hour. It was with a mixture of amusement and befuddlement, as we first attempted to figure out who was on which team and who was winning and oh my gods who is cheering and why? Then we started just watching the damn puppies and doing some MiSTing as we figured out their individual personalities.

I still don't know why Subaru and Bissell put out money to get this thing on the air. Who's their demographic? Stoners? *snerk* And I just saw that Puppy Bowl II is now out on DVD. Is it at Wal-Mart yet? ;)

After that I was exhausted but I had to do some shopping and apparently nobody at Wal-Mart knows what a scallion is and I can't find my blueberry muffins.
Tags: hershey, puppy bowl, weekend

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