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It's just not happening this morning. It might be due to the fact that I overslept, and it usually takes me a while to get the brain going. By the time I did that, half my alotted writing time was gone. Not to mention that I had to stop for breakfast (on the upside, this gave me the opportunity to make myself an omelette rather than the usual oatmeal).

I need to organise myself better in regards to Immortalis, and I think that at this point that will have to include the composition of an outline. *twitch* Not my favourite thing to do, but I think at this point, it's the only way it'll stay focused. When I was writing full time, I could keep track of everything in my head, where I was, where I was going... But life is so full of other bullshit right now that I think I need help keeping track. Otherwise I waste too much of my precious writing time reading back to remember where I was headed.

Bloody 'ell.

Tonight, laundry and RP with mah homies.
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