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Is it Friday yet?

Work has been... bearable.

My weight is fluctuating as much as my mood but that too is bearable. As long as I don't outgrow my clothes I'll be fine. But I do need to get on the treadmill today after last night's pizza binge. I'm gonna have to start laying on some ground rules (for myself) when I eat at Mary's. Like, I started out fine. I was sitting at the table. But then I had to go sit on the floor next to the pizza box for easier access. Bad move #1.

That's okay, though. You live, you learn. I'll be good the rest of the week.

I need to stop watching puppies on YouTube. The chicken police, though, was hilarious.

It's snowing. Yay. It needs to stop. Like now.

And I will stop journaling today before it turns maudlin.

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