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This Week in God

Or not.

Went to Best Buy. Geek Agent Evan scanned Rodney and found that he has a trojan, three adwares, and is fragmented like WHOA. Yep, the universe is out to get him. Tsk. So, after I back up some more of my stuff onto Radek (the backup brain bwahaha), I'll be taking the shiny back to the Geek Squad for repairs, and the RAM that I'd originally gone in for. Tsk. I shall join the Warcrack! If it's the last thing I do! Grr! wickedkiwi, I think the reason I was having so much trouble was the state my drive is in to begin with, not just the RAM.

Anyway, so I after being reminded that I had promised a graphic for the tribalforces zine, now I'm wondering if I can pull it off at all. I don't even know what the deadline is! I've emailed Jackette to that effect.

Sleep is not a priority this night, I say as I chug some pixie juice.

Whoa, Gerard Butler is in '300'? Awesome! He was great as Attila.

Okay, so just for my own organisation, here's the next few days in brief.

- back up all important thingies

- if i get up early enough, take out the trash from my room
- bleach hair to a light brown
- take Rodney to the Geek Squad (honestly, if he really were a genius, he could fix himself)
- if time permits, purchase green hair colour (this should not be a problem if I make it to Best Buy at 10 sharp, as the mall is on the way back to work from there)

- if time permitted on Wednesday, add green to hair
- if time did not permit, go to Spencer's Gifts in Colonial Park and purchase green hair colour
- clean out kipple from the Pearl

- add green to hair if unable to on Thursday
- take the Pearl in for oil change
- pick up Rodney if he's ready, which he should be
- collect paycheque and take Mary out to dinner or something

I won't have time to miss Rodney!

- try and get peeps together for pub crawl on 2nd street. Hell, might even stop at Stallion's on 3rd. Depends on who's out there.
- start work on painting #2
- '300' with Mary

And so I don't miss anything, the things I need to back up, which I haven't already:

- SG1 eps
- email stuff, if I figure out how
- Sims stuff (mainly objects and skins, as I don't really mind starting characters from scratch)
- firefox bookmarks

Actually, I haven't really downloaded anything new for the Sims. It's all in my old disks, in triplicate. So scratch that.

Oh, and don't despair, I won't be incommunicado. There's two other working computers in this house, even if they are macs. Anyway, I'm off to get the rest of this shit done. If you need me, you have my cellphone. If you don't, you have my email.

Oh, one final list, which I should probably write down on actual paper.

Things to tell the Geeks:
- WMM needs to work
- does the problem with playing DVD's stem from the fragmentation or the kipple?
- get rid of files not in use, ie. clutter
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