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In my wikiwanderings, I sometimes come across tidbits that spark 'eureka!' moments in my novel.

Take the concept of the Two-Spirit, for example. Transgenderism is not something I usually explicitly address in my stories, though the character of Dee is a cross-dresser and Rikki seems to exist in a state of non-sexuality. When I think of how the People react to Rikki and her friends after the first encounter, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that they'd think of her as Two-Spirit, but once she has been removed from the oppressive climate of San Gaetano, her gender really plays little part in the rest of the story. In fact, she doesn't really let it play much of a part in San G to begin with. She's somehow above all the bullshit.

It's possible this concept will come more fully into play once Dee has made her way to the continent. By then she'll have embraced more of her Mercury aspect and will be a lot more androgynous.

If I spent as much time writing as I did thinking about writing... Heh.
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