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The Wolf has gone KRAAAAZEEE!!

As it turns out, the next Darren Hayes show at the Canal Room is on a Tuesday (the 26th), which is my day off. And if I get plenty of rest, and given that I've done this again and have a better idea of what to expect, I should be able to swing it and make it to work the next morning.


Who wants to come with me this time? I'm giving everyone a fair shot. You don't necessarily have to be a Pennsylvanian, we'll work something out if necessary. The ticket for you will be free, and I don't expect gas money, but I'd appreciate if you brought cash along for things like food, drinks, and emergencies should they occur. I know I was short for parking space, and while that shouldn't happen this time since I know what to expect, one can't be too prepared.

Also, I will not be spending the night in NYC, I'll have to drive home right after the show in order to be in to work on Wednesday morning.

Last Monday's show was amazing, and he had the flu. So imagine how much better it will be when he's 100% healthy.

Small print: If more than one person applies, I will choose at random. If more people want to go and can purchase their own tickets, we'll meet up or pick you up somewhere if possible.
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