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I haven't been good about replying to comments, but believe that I read and appreciate each one. *hugs*

Today is Thursday, right? How quickly one forgets. I must make a trip to Hellmart today. Need a shower curtain and some more plastic bins. And milk.

Sunset Division would've made a fun show. Say what you want about Woody, he's amusing. Anyway, randomness aside... (Actually that wasn't random, I'm watching Crossing Jordan and Woody mentioned Sunset Division.) He does have nice abs. Reminds me I need to do more crunches myself. Oh thank the gods, they didn't let him launch into karaoke in that scene. He loves singing. And he's awful at it.

I think I need a little bit longer to detoxify from sales before I try to make the muses wake up again. I'm not worried about the muses dying. They're bloody immortal. Sunday and Monday look good for marathonic writing. We have company coming over tonight until Saturday, and then on Tuesday after my dr's appointment Rob and I are heading off for the woods. Then on Monday the 20th I go back to work at Bookspam. I won't be doing the stupidvisory thing again, though. That's what made me leave that company in the first place. I'll just be wrangling the phones like a good little peon. It's fine for a bit, while I look for something else and work on my writing with a clear head.

I need to pick up around here, though. As much as I can, anyway, without upsetting Kari's paperwork.

But I think I'm gonna try and drop in on Second Life for a few minutes and work on a grocery list.
Tags: bookspam, hellmart, jerry o'connell, workness, writing

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