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Off The Beaten Path, day 1

Originally, Robert had agreed to come on the four-day road trip readily. At the last minute, he decided he'd rather spend more time with his girlfriend. This did not wash with the parentals. They wanted both of us OUT of the house for the duration. So Rob relented and we got on the road. He's calling Megan now to tell her about the change of plans. Haha, poor boy. But Mum and Dad were adamant.

Anyway, we drove for about four hours and ended up in a town which Robert classified as 'backwater'. I noted that there wasn't any body of water there for it to be on the back off, which led to a discussion of what the term actually means. We noticed a road named 'Anna's Road', and theorised that it's named thus because Anna is the only inhabitant. After much discussion, we decided that Anna was an overweight woman in hot pants and a tube top, and that everyone in the little town is related to her. She comes out of her road with a pan and a spatula to scrape up the roadkill right onto the pan, fur and all, to cook it for dinner. "Fur and all? But how will they chew it with their one tooth?" I asked.

"They'll gum it for 20 minutes before swallowing," Rob explained.

"And then they'll have to cough up the furball!"

It degenerated further from there. Our motel tonight is actually pretty nice. No wireless internet, but we do have A/C and cable tv. Now I'm exhausted and my head hurts. I'm going to watch some more tv and go to sleep. G'night!

[Written last night. Managed to achieve wirelessness at today's motel. Don't know how long that will last. Will not attempt Warcrack. There's no AC and only basic cable. I'm flabbergasted that there's wifi at all.]
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