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The One About Fandom

My muses for the crackfest that is Stargate: Haven, have sort of been gnawing at me. But I've also been working on bellumaeternus, so it's kind of chaotic in there right now. However, one thing is true:

I MISS FANDOM! I miss SGA, I miss TS fandom and all the possible permutations thereof. I miss Christoph/Sheppard, I miss RPing McBeck... I've been swallowed by Warcrack, and so has faithsqueen, so that puts an end to that. I don't know where pega has gone, and I miss her horribly.

You know, the whole Liz vs. Jen thing was dumb. I don't mean to beat up a dead dog, but what did that leave us with? No RPG.

Normy? Where are youououou???

Before tribalforces kicks off next year, I will have caught up with SGA season 3. I'll finally have watched 'Sunday'. I know, I'm still behind. But I'm already excited about TF. Whole new hotel too. That'll be fun. No more Multiple Moos. Yours truly will probably be hosting a chocolate party room. I plan on registering for the con next week, and booking the room soon after. I figure the sooner the better. Then I don't have to worry about it and can just worry about my other financials until then.

I've of course already given up on seeing Temposhark in NYC next month. I just can't take the time off, or spare the money.

Darren's MySpace just published a new guest blog. It looks great but I'm kind of ADD right now to read the whole thing. I've read snippets. I swear I get more ADD as I get older. I'm barely able to focus as it is. But that's all right. I'm not doing anything life-or-death right now.

Things I no longer do but I wish I did:
- online RPG (text-based)
- vidding
- reading fanfic
- writing fanfic
- talking with PEGA!!! :'( I miss my fag-hag.

Things I need to do today:
- do a reverse lookup for that number who keeps calling me and not leaving voicemail
- type up stuff I wrote at work so I can get rid of all the scraps of paper before I go to work today
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