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Fun with Wayn part 2

Okay, that Nicole lady? Totally retarded. Also, a comment on 'her' profile warns of 'her' being some sort of Nigerian boy who wants your money. If that's the case... little Nigerian boy remain very poor because little Nigerian boy an idiot. Remember my last message to him/her?

Oh, so you're gay too? That takes a load off my mind, I thought you were hitting on me. I don't have kids, never married (not legal yet). I've been to Canada, actually. Ever been there? They make great science fiction movies.

I live in Hicksville, Pennsyltucky. Quite boring actually, but woodsy.


Well, here's the reply:

HiJames,.. ..I just thought u should write u this loevly poem ..hope u like it....I never thought I would find a Heart like yours within my reach
I'm waiting now so patiently for the lesson that Love will teach
I can see your Smile through the Laughter we share, and I know this is just a taste The warmth I will feel from your gentle touch when we're finally face to face You have captured my Heart so fast that I can hardly catch my breath Drawing from a well of Love hidden so deep, preserved within myself I desire the action of Passion bursting like the Beauty of a Flowers Bloom The Stimulation that exists brought forth by Loves first Kiss engaged in a Candle Lit Room,It's May, and if it should rain that day, we'll occupy a quiet space, just you, and me The Temperature Range of your touch warms me from the cold of the Rain, bringing sweet ecstasy,The Gratification of physical Interlude, the warmth of Climax pouring down A clouded Vision brought into focus, and satisfaction is the only sound You are so special, and there are no words to describe how you make me feel So hard to control the hidden urges I hold without neglecting what my Heart knows is real.I hope u love the poem i wrote it just for u alone right now...Plzz email me soon to know u are caring abt me too..I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay....I really want t see u someday
Lots of love

I'm laughing my ass off. The kid didn't read a word I said. If he had been even the slightest bit clever, he might have changed his 'story of teh woez' to say he was a guy all along or something. Now I'm getting love poetry from a 'girl' I'm not even remotely interested in, and have only exchanged a handful of emails with (you've seen the totality of the exchange right here). Hmm... thinking, thinking... Bingo.

Lady, I'm amazed you can write 'poetry' when you can't even read. Let me see if by writing it in capital letters you will understand:


If you're serious, you need psychiatric help. If you're after my money, I have none so hardy har har. Good bye.
Tags: dumbass_teenies, teh intarwebs, wayn

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