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WAYN revisited

So 'Nico Tracy' finally deigned to read my message to her. I gave her kudos.

what did you mean i cant sell my love just because of money i think something must eb wrong with you

To which I said:

WOW! HALLELUYAH, you learned to read! You don't love me and this is clearly a sad attempt at some sort of con, which I knew all along but damn, I was hoping more of a challenge. Somebody with an actual plan, some grifting talent... Instead I get copy-pasted, poorly-written generic dribel. You're barking up the wrong tree, sweetheart. I don't go for women. But thank you for the laughs these past few days. My friends and I have had quite some fun at your pathetic attempts.

Tags: dumbass_teenies, teh intarwebs

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