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Ricochet the Fruitbat Dog

So the pic is not much to look at, but it does highlight those impressively huge ears. He's usually got one straight up, and the other one flopped down slightly at the tip. Sometimes he does the parabollic antenna thing, cocking one towards me, and the other towards whomever I'm having a conversation with. It's quite comical.

This dog also stretches very much like a cat, complete with arching back and fur standing straight up, snorts like a pig, and when he barks softly he clucks like a chicken. He also does a great impersonation of a babysitter, except he lets the baby sit on his head. And, he also does an impression of the wild boar Cary Elwes tosses on the table in Robin Hood: Men In Tights which I suddenly feel like watching.

Go figure we'd go to the shelter and bring home a genetic experiment.
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