James (elven_wolf) wrote,

More cuttin', less pastin'

So the mission to turn scene AR9:3 into scene Lgcy7:1 has begun this morning. The first attempt at this hung on the transformation of Cathán into Scathach. Meaning, turn all the he's to she's and make sure Scathach is the one speaking all his dialogue because he's not there yet. This might work, as they both have that fiery Irish temper, but I'm not married to the idea yet. I'm running out of usable time this morning so I might just leave it be for now.

I've decided to work on that in the mornings before work because I can use the computer and move back and forth between the two docs. During slow times at work, I'm working on scene 7:4 on my notepad, in which I let readers know what's happened with Rikki since we last saw her in scene 6:4. *decides to use the WoW!Rikki icon for this post now* Then in chapter 8 I can introduce the other half of the cast of dozens. Okay, half-dozens. Okay I have something like three more mains to introduce from the San Baptiste camp, including a schmexy vampire. There is a sad shortage of vampires in San Gaetano.

Anywho, Comcast internet is having issues this morning, so a lot of sites aren't loading.

In the meantime, I'm watching Clean House on the Style Network and getting a very strong vibe from designer Mark Brunetz and 'yard sale guy' Allen Lee Haff. Somebody should write some RPS of the Mark/Allen persuasion. :x

Now, while trying to find Allen's full name, I went to Wikipedia (since IMDb is one of those sites under Comcast snafu's shitlist), and came across this ironic header. Foolishness!
Tags: apolloverse, clean house, legacy of olympus, mark/allen, rps, writing

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