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My Daemon



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Jan. 6th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)
How nice! Did you see the movie? Read the books? My sister has the 3 books in 1 big book and I will get it when she is finished. Can't wait.
How did you get that to find your deamon?
I am on a buy DVD of my favorite show kick. I just got season 1 & 2 of Forever Knight (ordered season 3 from Netflix), the full Man from Uncle (104 episodes), My So-Called LIfe (only 19 episodes), just got finished seeing all 6 seasons of Northern Exposure (bought seasons 1 & 2) and saw the rest from Netflix, now have all 6 seasons of OZ, season 1 & 2 of both House and NCIS, all of Queer as Folk and have ordered all of the Prisoner (17 episodes) from Netflix but I will buy that next. Soneday I will have all of Star Trek, Deep Space 9. And I have season 1 of The Sentinel. Don't have enough time to watch all but love having them.
Did not go out and do the errands I had planned today. There is always tomorrow.
Take care. Sorry about the doctor problems.
Jan. 6th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)
I have not seen the movie nor read the books, but I want to see the movie, it looks shiny. Somebody on my flist had the Daemon thingie up and I just clicked on it and answered the questions and it gave me a chimpanzee first, but then somebody else answered my questions and changed it to a fox. It's a fun little idea.

I love buying shows on DVD but don't have the spending cash right now. I have been working on some shows, though. I was actually lucky to work for a company that had a GLBT book club, so I got to purchase seasons 1, 3, and the last season of QaF for $10 each. We have all of Highlander, too, I splurged on those because my mum loves it. I have season 1 of Forever Knight, and seasons 1 and 2 of 24. I also got season 4 of Monk as a fluke. And I still need the last 2 seasons of SG-1, I got all the rest of SG-1/SGA.

Speaking of shows on DVD, this came to my SG-1/The Sentinel mailing list:

Paramount has a dedicated line for people who want to call and ask for DVD releases and they are keeping note of how many people call to ask for these to be released. They are happy for you to call them and request that the additional seasons be released - that's what the phone line is for.

They will ask for your name, but no other details - although you may like to tell them if you are phoning from abroad - and they are very friendly :-)

Paramount have meetings where they discuss future releases and the number of requests they receive is one way they judge what the demand is. So please call!

If you would like to see the remaining seasons released on DVD:

1. Call Paramount on 323 956 5000 (if you are calling from outside
the US, use 1 323 956 5000).
2. Ask for "Home Entertainment" .
3. Ask politely for Paramount to release the remaining seasons of The Sentinel.>>

Make those calls, folks! This could happen - we could get those DVD's of season 2/3/4!!!

I will call probably later today.

Some shows I want to get are The X-Files, Northern Exposure, the rest of 24 and QaF, and maybe down the line get House.
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