James (elven_wolf) wrote,

What is it with these assholes?

I can't fucking believe these assholes. Please read this message from the NRDC and go here to take action. You don't have to give money, but with just a few clicks you can make your voice heard.

The Bush Administration has just handed down its long-awaited "License to Kill" rule. It's the equivalent of a death sentence for hundreds of endangered gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone and across the Northern Rockies. We can still force the White House to call off the guns -- before any shots are fired -- but we must move quickly.

All we need is your help.

Millions of Americans have no idea that the Bush Administration is planning to spend our tax dollars to slaughter hundreds of wolves -- while they are still protected under the Endangered Species Act!

But with your help, millions of Americans will know within a matter of days.And thousands of them will go online and urge their members of Congress to unite in opposition to this outrageous attack on an endangered species. At the very same time, our partner organization -- the Natural Resources Defense Council – will be challenging the Bush Administration's cold-blooded plan in federal court. Together, we can block the slaughter -- before it starts -- but only if we act swiftly.

Planes and helicopters, capable of killing entire packs of wolves in seconds, are waiting for the Open Fire order that could come at any time. So please, read the full ad right now and make an emergency online contribution. Help us give America's wolves a fighting chance.

Thank you.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund
Tags: buck fush, wolves

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