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The Wolf is kind of a pig sometimes

An IM conversation between myself and a coworker earlier today: (Names changed to protect the guilty. The setup: I mentioned an old girlfriend and she asked if I'm bisexual. I explained that I'm 98% gay.)

Coworker: so if you found a girl that you really liked would you [not be gay]?
Wolf: i don't know
Coworker: i guess it would be hard to say
Wolf: it would
Coworker: k i'm done prying into your personal life
Coworker: :P
Wolf: that's like asking me... hey, if you found a really good piece of chocolate cake, would you give up cheesecake forever?
Coworker: well cakes won't kick your ass for cheating
Wolf: lol that was good, that's going in my blog
Coworker: or cheesing
Tags: humour, teh ghei, work

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