James (elven_wolf) wrote,

I can has fanfic?

This is kind of weird for me, but does anyone have any links to any good Jack/Ianto fic? I never thought I'd want, or need, to read fic about canon pairings (I don't usually get them in other fandoms--the canonicity of McBeck notwithstanding, it's still subtext), but Torchwood does kind of throw that pairing at us without much background for it, especially given the whole Lisa storyline. And I'm betting that as with any fandom there is a lot of shit out there to have to wade through before we get any actual good fic, so I'm hoping somebody's already done the legwork. Savvy?

Also? Random love for Ianto pulling a Ennis del Mar towards the end of 'End of Days'.
Tags: torchwood

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