James (elven_wolf) wrote,


Spoilers for 2.09 'Something Borrowed', and some thoughts,

Am I alone in thinking the whole Jack/Gwen UST thing isn't a big deal? UST is a part of life, believe me, I live it. Doesn't mean Jack loves Ianto any less. Doesn't mean Gwen doesn't love Rhys. Yes, Jack might have been a little too focused on Gwen, but it's to be expected given how he feels about her, especially at her wedding. Perhaps inappropriate, but normal. And the script played up on that. And I'm also glad the script didn't lameify Rhys in favour of Jack.

I'm totally behind Gwen/Rhys. I'm really liking the canon in this show, and that's new to me. LOL. Rhys has developed into a great character, particularly in this episode. And OMG Evil Dead ref! Can't beat that with a stick.

Read some vague spoilers (or rather, vaguely read some spoilers) for later in the season about devious!manipulative!Ianto. I can't wait. This character really has potential, I think. I think the whole Jack/Ianto dynamic has the potential to be much more complex than what you normally see in this type of show.

But poor Tosh better get hers, it's not fair.

But 2.05 'Adam' is still badfic. Fun, but badfic. Marty-Stu badfic, even. Hehe.
Tags: torchwood

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