James (elven_wolf) wrote,

A message from Frances Beinecke


Dear Friend,

Right now, Yellowstone's wild free-roaming buffalo are being rounded up in cattle trucks and shipped to slaughterhouses.

More than 1,000 wild bison have already been killed this winter and more will die each week unless we speak out to stop the slaughter now.

Please register your opposition by sending a message to the director of the National Park Service at: http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/Act_Now_To_Protect_Buffalo

What makes this sacrifice so senseless is that it's all to protect 12 to 16 domestic cows and steer that graze near the park from the theoretical risk of disease that has never been transmitted from bison to cattle in a natural setting.

Yes, you read those numbers right: 1,000 wild bison slaughtered to protect a little more than a dozen cows outside the park that have most likely been vaccinated against the disease, or easily could be.

We cannot stand by and let this government-sponsored massacre continue. As America's last, free-roaming herd, Yellowstone's buffalo are a national treasure. I'm sure you agree that the National Park Service should be their guardian, not their executioner.

Please join me in speaking out to spare the lives of Yellowstone's surviving buffalo so that they can again roam wild and free.

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund
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